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Our sponsored listings have three different levels of exposure, each category has a maximum of eight sponsored listings and the rankings of them are changed every 15 minutes to ensure each of the sponsors get the same amount of traffic.

They all share a few things in common,
- If your sponsored listing is in a search result, it will be displayed first.
- Your product will always show up first in the category it is placed in.
- A small golden badge will show up next to your product name in browsing and search results.
- All 3rd party ads will be removed from your product detail pages since your product is now sponsored.


Our three different types of sponsored listings are:

Front Page - $149.95/mo
Being sponsored on the front page is our most popular package because it also provides you with a top level category sponsored listing and category specific sponsored listing. A large screenshot thumbnail along with your product name and description will be shown very prominently to visitors looking for related software.
Product Name

Top Level Category - $99.95/mo
A top level category is the category that your category is under, when our users click on Audio & Multimedia to find a mp3 player, they'll see your product before they click on mp3 players. It's a great way to catch the attention of all users looking for products like yours. This package also includes category placement.
Product Name

Category - $49.95/mo
Being sponsored in your category will put you on top of the competition because your product will always show up before the non-sponsored listings. A great way to get your product exposed!
Product Name

We do not sell text links, if you have a similar site with content that our users would like, please contact us to discuss a link trade

Please Contact us to discuss the placement of your product or additional advertising options.



Need some media attention for your product? A good review can't be beat. Visit for a detailed review of your product - We will publish the review on your product page on File Cart as well.



News about new products, updates, and special offers via e-mail.

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